Personal Information

Farinaz Saberian
Born in Esfahan, Iran
Currently Living in Tehran, Iran and Toronto, Canada
Telephone: 00989133275980


From 02/2011 to 07/2016
Department of Art Research, Art Faculty,
Alzahrah University, Tehran, Iran
Thesis: ‘’Arthur Danto’s Ideas in Contemporary Western Art’’
Supervisor : Dr. Mansour Hessami

From 09/2007 to 9/2010
Master of Arts, Discipline: Painting , Department
of Painting and Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts,
University of Tehran
Thesis: A Research Study on Nature
within Tabrizian Safavid Painting Era
Supervisor:Dr. Mostafa Goodarzi

From 02/2004 to 09/2007
Bachelor of Arts (First Class honours)
Discipline: Painting
Department of Painting, Art faculty
Al Zahra University, Tehran, Iran
Thesis: The imaginary World of Iranian
Paintings and it’s Manifestation in the
Paradisiacal Gardens
Supervisor: Dr. Mahammad Memarzadeh

From 09/1989 to 09/1993
Bachelor of Teaching English Language
Department of Foreign Languages, Azad University of Najaf Abad, Esfahan, Iran


  • Farinaz Saberian, Mansour Hessami, Minimalist structures in urban space: a criticism to the works by sol lewitt from point of view of Arthur C.Danto with an emphasis on arrangement of works in urban environment , 2016, Journal of Urban Management, Tehran, Iran
  • Farinaz Saberian, Mansour Hessami, the process of performer presence and audience participation, Danto Criticism on Marina Abramovic “The Artist is Present” The TurkishOnline Journal of Design, Art and Communication – TOJDAC August 2016 Special Edition
  • Farinaz Saberian, Art in the world wide web,(Investigation on two interactive artworks of MarkNapier), The TurkishOnline Journal of Design, Art and Communication, TOJDAC July 2016 Volume 6 Issue 3
  • Farinaz saberian,The Reflection of the Commonplace in the works of Jeff Koons (from the view point of Arthur C.Danto), National Academy of Management Staff of Culture and Arts Herald, No 4,(2017)

Translation of the book:

“Handbook of Light and Shade, A Classical Approach to Three Dimensional Drawings” , By: Mary P. Merrifield, Translated by Farinaz Saberian, 2006, Bargnegar Publication, Tehran, Iran.

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching English Language in Farzanegan Amin High School (A special school for intelligent students), from 1997-2000.
  • Teaching Drawing and Painting in Personal Atelier from 1995 till Now.
  • Lecturer at Azad University of Tehran, Art and Architecture Department, from 2010 until 2016, Teaching Courses such as History of Illustration, History of Painting (modern era), Specialized English Texts in Art, Design Grade 5, Principles of Painting, Foundations of Visual Arts, Foundations of Chromatology, Mural Grade 1, Design Grade 3, for the Students of Bachelor Degrees.
  • Lecturer at Sepehr Art University, Esfahan, from 2016 until Now.Teaching Courses such as Contemporary Art of the World , Specialized English Texts in Art, Design Workshop, Painting Workshop, Fundamentals of Visual Arts, for Master Degree Students.


  • Participation in the Group Painting Exhibition of the Women Artists of Esfahan, Contemporary Art Museum of Esfahan,1999.
  • Participation in the Group Painting Exhibition, Negah Gallery, Esfahan, 1999.
  • Participation in the Group Painting Exhibition, Kamal Aldin-Behzad Gallery, Tehran, 2006.
  • Participation in the Group Painting Exhibition, Tehran University Art Gallery , Tehran, 2007.
  • Solo Exhibition, Daryabigi Gallery, Tehran, 2011
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